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We have some very fun hands-on self-pace classes that will allow you to design innovative solutions and leave you excited to create more solutions.

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Have you ever wondered how things work?  Join us in this online self-pace adventure as we explore how science, technology, design, arts, and math are used to create many products and how it impacts our everyday lives.

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Designing Structures to Withstand Elements

Have you ever wondered how buildings withstand the forces of nature? Join us in the online self-pace course as we cover and practice the basic design principles required for structures to withstand forces found in nature.


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“I really like the games. They were fun.”


“I learned something new about how sports use math and science even though I do not like sports.  The games were good.”


“The projects helped me to think about different ways to solve problems.”


“This opened my eyes to how science is a part of everything that we do like the arts and architecture I enjoy.”


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Join us in one of the fun and hands-on online classes, where you will complete fun projects

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